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Data-Driven Sales Funnel Analytics Tool

Product Vision

“We envision being the world leaders in sales funnel analytics”


Problem Statement

I [Gemma, Chief Sales Officer | David, Sales Representative] am trying to design, develop and grow a data driven sales process and sales experience but currently we don’t have any sales process and sales infrastructure because it is a young organisation, we haven’t invested resources, time and capital into building a data driven sales funnel which makes life as a sales professional deeply challenging, chaotic and hitting our revenue


Product Value Proposition

For sales professional who are interested in data-driven sales process, Funnelytics is a sales funnel analytics tool that provides data driven insights and data driven recommendation to grow and optimised every phase of your sales funnel. Unlike our competitors, Funnelytics cuts the noise and provide value adding and data driven insights & recommendation tailored to your unique needs and unique funnel



OKR – Objective and Key Results


The key objective of Product – Funnelytics is to design, develop, test and deploy a data driven sales funnel analytic tool for sales professionals to create data driven sales insights and sales recommendation for every phase in their sales funnel


Key Results

1.     Product Goal 1 – Prototype a simple Funnelytics solution for an event driven sales funnel

2.     Product Goal 2 - Prototype a simple Funnelytics solution for a social media driven sales funnel

3.     Product Goal 3 - Prototype a simple Funnelytics solution for a website driven sales funnel

4.     Product Goal 4 – Develop a simple dashboard for Funnelytics


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