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Freebie - Free Workshops

Engaging, empowering and educating free workshops

Product Vision

“The most engaging, empowering and educating free workshops I have attended”


Product Value Proposition

For individuals who are in the process of securing a new job or taking their careers to the next level, EAC Free Workshop is a career based free workshop product that provides engaging, educative and empowering career building workshops to move people in step closer to achieving their next career objectives: more informed, more practical skilled and greater ability to sells themselves better in the job market.


Desire Statement

As an individual who is interested in securing a job as a business analyst | scrum master | product manager, I want to attend free workshop so that I can gain:

1.     Improve my current knowledge base

2.     Practical skills

3.     Improve my job application process

4.     Sell myself better

5.     Meet like-minded people


OOKR – Objective and Key Results


The key objective of Product – Free Workshop is to positively impact career transformers with the right knowledge, practical skills, and career sales skills to take them to their next career level.



A key outcome – people will start joining EAC as a result of the transformation from our free workshops.


Key Results

1.     Product Goal 1 – Create a simple CRM solution for Free Workshop

2.     Product Goal 2 – Create a simple end-to-end solution for Free Workshop ecosystem for your first workshop

3.     Product Goal 3 – Deliver 5 free workshops using your E2E workshop ecosystem

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