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10X Transformation

Becoming the most profitable career transformation company in the world


“Becoming the most profitable career transformation company in the world”

Problem Statement

The career transformation industry is a highly competitive industry with aggressive price-cutting strategies. This makes the career transformation market highly commoditized with very low-profit margins. This is greatly affecting the profitability of ESG-API Careers and ESG-API Careers to transform lives and careers.

Project Goals – High-Level Goals

ESG-API Careers is engaging its consultants to:

1.      Improve value

2.      Improve profitability

3.      Improve sales

4.      Improve marketing

5.      Improve strategy

6.      Improve operations

OKR – Phase 0


The key objective of 10x Transformation – Phase 0 is to analyze and create robust frameworks for improving value, profitability, sales, marketing, strategy, and operations for ESG-API Careers

Key Results

The key desired results are:

1.      Proposed value delivery framework

2.      Proposed profitability framework

3.      Proposed sales framework

4.      Proposed marketing framework

5.      Proposed strategy framework

6.      Proposed operation framework


We are redesigning and transforming the way ESG-API Careers transform lives and careers

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