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2023 at ESG-API Careers

2023 at ESG-API Careers

Key highlights of 2023:

  1. Launched ESG-API Careers

  2. Hosted 3 career transformation cohorts

  3. Supported over 20 consultants 

  4. Launched 3 new programs 

  5. Delivered 7 projects

  6. Started the foundation work for exponential growth

2023 will always remain dear and close to our hearts at ESG-API Careers. It was in 2023 that ESG-API Group decided to spin out ESG-API Careers solely to focus on career transition and career transformation in business, technology, data, and investment. ESG-API Careers was set up with a simple and profound vision ‘Transforming Lives and Careers’. This is exactly what we have done in 2023.

Since our Launch in April 2023, we have successfully hosted 3 career transformation cohorts and supported over 20 consultants with their end-to-end career transformation journey. 

Cohort 1 spree headed the launch of our Web Technology Program – driving ESG-API Careers coming soon page and ESG-API Careers 3-page website. 

Cohort 2 launched CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Technology Program. This was hugely successful as we had an automated and personised way of building lasting relationships with our prospective customers, consultants, and alumni.

Cohort 3 launched our Agile Marketing Program. At the heart of our Agile Marketing Program was understanding and implementing processes to better understand our customers and deliver value to them faster and more effectively.

Across these 3 work experience programs, we have successfully delivered 7 projects. This is a true mark of excellence, value, and growth. Consultants with no prior experience in Business and technology delivered business value by undergoing our tried and tested Work Experience Program.

As a young career transformation organization, exponential growth remains at the core of our strategy. This is why ESG-API Careers Leadership Team spent time in 2023 Q4 designing, developing, and deliberating on growth strategy and growth path for 2024.

We are truly amazed by what we achieved in 2023 and strongly believe with your support and engagement we can even do better in 2024. 

Kind Regards,

ESG-API Careers Leadership Team

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