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Business Analyst Work Experience Program




8 weeks


About the Program

Business Analyst Work Experience Program

Gaining real-world work experience as a Business Analyst

The Business Analyst Work Experience Program is a 8 weeks intensive Business Analyst remote work experience program that provides people looking to transition, transform or grow their careers as a Business Analyst. The program equips and empowers you to deliver business value as a Business Analyst in any organization across any sector in any country in the world. It also provides guidance and tools necessary for working in a remote environment with distributed teams.

If you want to gain valuable work experience with the product experience delivering business value, the Business Analyst Work Experience Program is for you

Program Outcome

After taking the program, you will be:

  • Proficient requirement gathering and requirement elicitation

  • Proficient at conducting different types of analysis

  • Proficient at process mapping and process improvement

  • Proficient at stakeholder management

  • Proficient at industry-standard Business Analyst tools

  • Confidence in applying yourself as a Business Analyst on a new/existing product

  • Confidence to compete in the international job market as a Business Analyst

Program Offering
  • Becoming part of our thriving community of Career Transformers

  • Gain practical work experience as a Business Analyst

  • Work on a product in either business, technology or investment

  • Receive biweekly Business Analyst online training

  • Weekly product support sessions

  • Access to over 30 product briefs

  • Access to industry-standard tools - Microsoft Suite, Jira, Miro, Gliffy, Visio, and more

  • Over 400 courses in our video library

  • Interview workshops

  • Job referencing

  • Certification of product completion and program completion

Your Instructor

Camilla Jones

Camilla is a Senior Tutor at ESG-API Careers. with over 15 years of industry experience as a Business Analyst across different organisations and across different sectors. She leads our Business Analyst and Business Intelligent Work Experience Program

Camilla Jones
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